Board Solicits Feedback on Updated GCS Dress Code Policy

At its meeting Tuesday, the Guilford County Board of Education voted to invite public comment on proposed dress code policy and procedural changes, Revised Policy JCDB and Revised Procedure JCDB-P, for a period of 30 days. The changes focus on standard mode of dress (SMOD) or school uniforms.

The proposed changes include having principals at SMOD schools conduct a survey or election of parents every two years, using the method they feel best meets the needs of their parents. A simple majority of parent participants in those surveys or elections would to start or remove SMOD from a school. Choice, magnet or option schools would be exempt from this process.

Comments on the proposed policy and procedural revisions should be submitted to or via courier or U.S. mail to Policy Development, Guilford County Schools, 712 N. Eugene St., Greensboro, N.C. 27401.

Currently, more than 30 schools in GCS have instituted some form of SMOD. A full list can be found here. Public comments will be accepted until midnight on January 3, 2015. Comments may be sent to