Tell Us What You Think! EC Dept Seeks Parent Input

The GCS Exceptional Children’s Department wants to know more about parents’ experiences with special education services. A new survey is part of the department’s comprehensive plan to improve the educational process for all students it serves.

The Department of Exceptional Children works with students who need specialized education services, as well as students who need accommodations via the Americans With Disabilities Act (Section 504) and students in general education who require homebound services. Across GCS, the department’s 1,400 employees serve more than 10,600 students.

Director Alicia Tate joined GCS in July 2013 and immediately saw the need for a comprehensive plan to set department goals and a timeline to achieve those goals. Over the 2013-14 school year, department staff reviewed practices and achievement data, then reached out to a number of key focus groups to hear concerns and ideas and seek input.

The first stage of the three-year plan went into effect this year. The survey is part of the plan’s focus on improving the effectiveness of collaboration both inside the department and district, and with external groups, from families to the community.

"We want to know what is working for our families and what isn’t,” said Tate. “Parents know their children best, and reaching out to them to identify issues and successes is one good way to gather that key information and improve services and results for our students.”

The survey is available online here – or families can pick up a paper copy at their child’s school or a regional office. The survey was created to find out whether important meetings about their child’s needs are working for parents and how they are receiving communication from their child’s school. Parents can fill it out anonymously, or provide their contact information for a call from a department representative.

The survey will be available all this year and parents can fill it out more than once as they work with school and department staff throughout the school year. Click here to find out more about services for Exceptional Children in GCS.