Board of Education Considering School Improvement Plans

All 127 Guilford County Schools are creating a roadmap for ways to improve student learning, teacher professional development, parent involvement and more. Each school develops its own School Improvement Plan, based on its specific needs, every two years. The Guilford County Board of Education is reviewing the plans now and is expected to vote on the plans at its Oct. 7 meeting.

State law requires schools to submit new plans every two years, and a new cycle begins in the 2014-15 school year. GCS also requires all schools to revisit their plans throughout each school year to monitor progress and modify strategies to attain goals set in the plans.

New this year – schools combined multiple plans they had to follow in previous years, including Title I plans, safe schools plans and more. The change will make it easier and more efficient to set goals and track progress.

At the Sept. 25 Board meeting, regional superintendents also identified six priority schools, which will receive additional services and support. Cone, Frazier, Gillespie and Union Hill Elementary schools, Hairston and Jackson Middle schools were selected based on student-achievement data in math, reading and science. Regional superintendents also considered Teacher Working Condition Surveys, student attendance rates, test data, school climate surveys and information about parents’ views of the school.

Priority schools will receive wraparound services in the areas of diversity and equity, curriculum and instruction, exceptional children, induction and success, and research and accountability. The schools will receive priority services from all GCS departments in order to ensure the best opportunities for success.