High School Ahead Helps Students Get a Year Back

Walk into High School Ahead Academy, and it looks like any other middle school. Students talk and laugh in the hallways on their way to class, teachers go over lessons on the board and crouch down to answer student questions, but there is one big difference. All of the students at High School Ahead are skipping seventh grade.

High School Ahead is designed to help students who are one year older than most of their classmates to get that year back and graduate high school on time. The school just moved to a larger building, at 1401 Summit Avenue in Greensboro, and they are accepting new students who were born between June 30, 2000, and Oct. 16, 2001 to take on the accelerated program.

“The students at High School Ahead Academy, for various reasons, are a year older than the other students in their grade level,” explains Principal Michelle Hayes. “This school allows them to get that year back and graduate high school at the traditional age.”

The students cover every ability level, and are placed in classes with other students at the same ability.

“That helps us personalize their learning,” says Hayes. “Grouping students by their ability levels allows the teacher to set a pace that works for everyone in the class and no one gets bored or left behind.”

“I really like the pace because I don’t get bored and fall asleep because we’re always doing something,” says High School Ahead student Shane Strickland.

Hayes says that’s the idea, to help students get back to where they should be in school.

“I think it also makes school easier for them, because they will no longer be the oldest student in their class. they’re on track with everyone else.”

Strickland says he has big plans after High School Ahead.

“I think this will give me an advantage to get into a middle college,” he says. “After college, I want to work for Google.”

Spaces are still available for the 2014-2015 school year. To enroll, call (336) 294-7640.