Update on McNair Elementary Construction Project

Guilford County Schools hopes to move McNair Elementary School students and staff into their new building by early February, 2013.

The new timeline reflects information provided by JE Dunn, which is overseeing the project's completion. Work resumed at the McNair construction site last week.

"Based on the information we received from the new contractor, and barring any new challenges, we are moving forward with plans based on this timeline," said Julius Monk, director of construction.

In September, the Guilford County Board of Education voted to terminate its contract with Farley Associates, Inc., the original contractor responsible for the construction of McNair Elementary, located at 4603 Yanceyville Road in Brown Summit.

McNair Elementary continues to operate at two locations - Jesse Wharton Elementary and Brightwood Elementary. McNair Elementary serves approximately 450 students in grades K-5.