GCS Releases ACT Results for 11th-Graders

Eleventh-graders in Guilford County Schools (GCS) earned an average score of 18 on the ACT, according to results released today.

District officials said 4,956 students took the exam last spring as the state moves to a new accountability model. The ACT assesses college readiness in English, mathematics, reading and science.

As other districts and states have experienced, the average score goes down when more students participate. The average score for North Carolina 11th-graders on the ACT was 18.2.

For example, the average score on the ACT for the 746 graduating seniors who took the exam last spring in GCS was 20.5, compared to 21.9 for North Carolina and 21.1 nationally.

The 2012 scores on the ACT will establish a baseline for GCS and the state. Students' ACT scores in 2013 will become part of the new accountability model.

"Students' senior year matters," said Beth Folger, chief academic officer. "Students, parents and teachers can use the ACT results from the 11th grade to address areas of need so students can graduate well prepared for college or the career path of their choice."

GCS 11th-graders' scores on the ACT for each subject also were similar to the state averages. GCS 11th-graders equaled the state average on math with a score of 19.3, while slightly trailing the state in English (16.3 for GCS, 16.4 for N.C.); reading (18.1 for GCS, 18.3 for N.C.); and science (18 for GCS, 18.3 for N.C.).

"The results serve as a signal that while we're getting record numbers of kids through high school, we still need to do more to improve their academic knowledge and skills," said Folger. "We have to increase our expectations for what young people can do, and we have to do more to help them meet these higher expectations."