Resolution Opposes Approval of Virtual Charter School

The Guilford County Board of Education signed a resolution opposing the approval of a new virtual charter school and supporting the State Board of Education in a lawsuit concerning the school.

North Carolina Learns Inc. was granted preliminary approval by a local board of education to operate the North Carolina Virtual Academy. The charter school plans to enroll students from school districts across the state starting this fall.

In May, an administrative law judge ruled that because the State Board of Education failed to take action on the charter within a certain time, the school would be granted a charter to operate beginning in August.

According to the resolution, the board believes no charter school should be allowed to enroll students without a thorough review by the State Board of Education of the fiscal, educational and other impacts on public schools. 

The Guilford County board is supporting the State Board of Education's appeal in North Carolina Learns Inc. v. State Board of Education along with a majority of school districts statewide.