GCS Employee Survey Shows Positive Results

Results from a district-wide employee climate survey, the first effort under the strategic plan to survey all Guilford County Schools (GCS) employees rather than just certain positions, showed positive feedback.

About 88 percent of the employees who completed the survey feel well-informed about decisions that are made, 90 percent feel safe at work and 83 percent believe that their supervisors value diversity. Just over 80 percent of employees feel good about working at GCS, about 79 percent think the district is headed in the right direction and 78 percent have confidence in their supervisors.

The survey is also aligned with some of the strategic plan's non-academic goal measures, including improving employee perception of GCS students, parents and families and increasing the percentage of employees who consider GCS a "preferred place" to work.

Results showed that about 90.75 percent of survey participants have a positive perception of students, about 80.5 percent of survey participants view their school, department or division as a preferred place to work and 78 percent of survey participants believe that GCS parents have high expectations for their children.

The survey showed that the district still has some work to do in several areas, many of which have been impacted negatively by budget cuts and constraints. About 68 percent of those surveyed feel the facility where they work is well-maintained, about 67 percent feel appreciated for the work they do, about 54 percent feel that meeting the needs of employees is a top priority and about 50 percent feel they are informed about how to achieve promotions within the district.

On the survey, employees reported a desire for at least a slight increase in salary, frustrations caused by ongoing changes to state benefits and the desire for more technology to be integrated in classrooms.

"Overall, we are pleased with the positive marks from this first employee survey, but certainly understand some of the frustrations expressed by our employees," said Chief of Staff Nora Carr. "Moving forward, we are forming a project team to further analyze the results and make recommendations for improvement."

The anonymous employee survey, which will be administered annually, was made available to all part- and full-time employees from Nov. 1, 2011 to Dec. 2, 2011. Participation was voluntary and approximately 3,328 employees, or 31 percent, of the 10,351 GCS employees completed the survey.