GCS Enrollment Increases by 343 Students for 2011-12

Guilford County Schools (GCS) enrollment numbers released today show an increase of 343 students from this time in 2010. The 20th-day enrollment figure, 72,196, is 349 lower than the projected number of 72,545.

Projections made in March showed an anticipated gain of 692 students. Actual enrollment numbers are within 0.5 percent of projections, which meets the state's acceptable standards. GCS' projection was closely aligned with estimates from the Department of Public Instruction, which predicted an enrollment of 72,056.

The district uses 20th-day numbers as a guide to yearly enrollment and to make necessary adjustments to staff allocations. State funding is based on 40th day membership. The student population rose by 200 during the last 10 school days. Enrollment has increased steadily since 2007-08, with a gain of 778 students.

Diversity within GCS remains steady, with students of color representing more than 61 percent of the overall population. Black students encompass 40.68 percent of the population, followed by white students at 38.39 percent, Hispanic students at 10.9 percent, Asian students at 5.57 percent, multiracial students at 3.73 percent, American Indians at 0.56 and Pacific Islanders at 0.15 percent. More than 170 languages are spoken in Guilford County Schools, and students hail from 145 countries.