GCS Has Cut Nearly 432 Positions Since 2008-09

Guilford County Schools (GCS), North Carolina's third largest school district, has cut nearly 432 positions since the 2008-09 school year, according to data released by GCS today. The district also has cut 802 workdays for assistant principals and 936 hours for non-certified staff.

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) released statewide totals on Aug. 31 that were based on a survey of districts across the state. The state report did not include GCS because the district had not responded to the survey.

The omission was an oversight on GCS' part, according to Chief of Staff Nora Carr. District staff thought they had responded to NCDPI's request, which was similar to other surveys GCS had received, but they had not. GCS sent its data to NCDPI on Sept. 1.

GCS has offered and/or found employment for all employees whose positions have been cut. Some employees declined positions offered and/or have decided to seek employment elsewhere. The district started the 2011-12 school year with 100 percent of its classroom teaching positions filled.

During the past three years, GCS has cut or redirected $57 million from its budget, primarily because of significant reductions in state funding. State funding accounts for 61.9 percent of GCS revenues. Local and federal funding provide 30.6 percent and 7.5 percent of GCS resources, respectively.

GCS currently has 9,514 full-time employees and 10,339 full- and part-time employees. Teachers account for 5,040 of this total number and another 1,007 are teacher assistants. Together, these positions make up approximately 58.5 percent of employees. Approximately 85 percent of the district's operating budget goes to personnel costs, which includes salaries and related fringe benefits.

For 2011-12, 82 percent of GCS resources go to schools, while 18 percent of the district's resources provide administrative support services to schools. GCS is using $13.3 million in Federal EduJobs funding to pay for 277 teaching positions this school year. Those funds expire at the end of this fiscal year, June 30, 2012.