Businesses Bring One-to-One Technology to Montlieu

This week, teachers and staff at Montlieu Elementary Academy of Technology will receive new technology to use in class. Thanks to generous support from the business community, about 50 iPads were distributed to teachers and staff Wednesday so they can begin training and become familiar with the new devices before students return in the fall.

Businesses for Excellence in Education, High Point University, the Millis Foundation and the Bryan Foundation are providing the resources for Montlieu to become Guilford County Schools' (GCS) prototype technology school. The development of a world-renowned technology school was included in the district's strategic plan as a strategy to be implemented by December 2011.

A donation of $250,000 a year for three years from the business community will provide Montlieu with a wealth of technology devices from Apple. High Point University will also be providing the school's faculty and staff with professional development related to the integration of technology into the school's curriculum and instruction.

"We believe that the introduction of cutting-edge technology into the school will transform the way our students learn," said Principal Ged O'Donnell. "Our goal is to have everyone involved, including all students, teachers and staff."

Beyond iPads for teachers, the donation makes it possible for Montlieu to provide one-to-one technology access for all students on a daily basis. This fall, each classroom will have a cart of iPads that can be used for student projects and assessment. After students become familiar with using the devices, fourth and fifth-graders will have opportunities to take them home. Teachers and staff will participate in training periodically throughout the summer and school year.