Welcome Back EC Teachers!

Welcome Back EC Teachers! 

EC Summer Institute- August 11/12: All EC Teachers and Related Service Providers must attend 6 hours of the ECS Summer Institute. The 6 hours can be distributed over the 2 mandated workdays to accommodate EC teachers and RSP’s other training needs. The Institute is broken into a 3-hour required session and 2 90-minute breakout sessions the participants can choose.  Please register for the 3-hour section you plan to attend.  Seats are limited and cannot be switched at the last minute due to space. Attendance will be taken during the sessions.   

·                     #15583 GCS-EC: Exceptional Children Services Summer Institute School Year Launch August 2021 

Please click on the following links to see the session matrix and the choices for the 90-minute sessions. Then, complete the form to let us know which sessions you will attend. 

o        Session Matrix 

o        Sign up for 2 – 90 minute sessions