How can I volunteer?

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There are several volunteer opportunities available at SWE.  Please do not let fear or inexperience or schedule keep you from being a part of your child’s school experience! There are many experienced volunteers and our SWE staff who are willing to assist you in learning and many different opportunities available for all kinds of schedules and families. Together we can enhance the great education our children receive from the many wonderful teachers and opportunities at Southwest! 

As part of the Guilford county school system, if you would like to volunteer at the school in any capacity, please take a few minutes to go to and register or reactivate the GCS Volunteer form.  This is a safety measure to make sure our students and staff remain safe at all times.  It is required to be in the class rooms, on field trips and any activities with our students. It is done through the school system and will have various options like the ones you will see on the included Volunteer Opportunity form with additional options that are not specifically done at all schools - feel free to flag classroom and keep moving.