What is PowerSchool and how do I access it?

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PowerSchool Parent Portal is an online resource that gives you as parents, access to your child’s grades and attendance. PowerSchool is a resource that will stay with your child until they graduate high school. Attendance is conducted daily using PowerSchool. Grades are updated regularly. Please take the time to get registered on PowerSchool.

PowerSchool can be downloaded as an app or you can use the link below. You will need to get some information first. Please contact Kathy Acuff at:
acuffk@gcsnc.com . Let her know that you are wanting to get connected on PowerSchool. She will give you an access code that is specific for your child. Use that code when creating an account with PowerSchool. Mrs. Acuff will also give you your child’s student ID number, which you will also need to register in PowerSchool.


To access PowerSchool go to https://gcsnc.powerschool.com/public/home.html or click HERE.