What should my child know, or how should I prepare my child for Kindergarten?

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Reading and Oral Language.

  1. Speak in five to six word sentences
  2. Retell familiar stories
  3. Discuss "who, what, when, where and why" questions about familiar stories
  4. Sing songs
  5. Recite nursery rhymes or other familiar poems
  6. Read own name
  7. Recognize familiar environmental print (e.g. traffic signs, store logos, food labels)
  8. Recite the letters of the alphabet (sing the "Alphabet Song")
  9. Recognize and name the letters of the alphabet
  10. Know that books are read from front to back
  11. Know that print moves from left to right and top to bottom on a page


  1. Recognize and name eight basic colors
  2. Recognize and name four basic shapes (square, rectangle, triangle, circle)
  3. Rote count from 1 to 10
  4. Recognize and name numbers from 1 to 10
  5. Count groups of items up to 5


  1. Know how to hold and use a pencil, crayon, pen or marker
  2. Pretend to write and read own writing in a left to right direction
  3. Write own first name
  4. Draw simple, recognizable people and pictures
  5. Know how to use scissors, paste and glue

Personal Care and Safety

  1. Toilet-trained
  2. Fasten and unfasten own clothing without assistance (e.g. zippers, shoes, jackets, etc.)
  3. Cover mouth when sneezing or coughing
  4. Know home address and phone number
  5. Know how to contact available, safe adults in case of emergency
  6. Know full name and workplace of parents/guardians

Social Skills

  1. Beginning to engage in cooperative play with children in own age group.
  2. Beginning to learn the concept of sharing
  3. Follow rules and directions given by a caring adult
  4. Use polite language when talking with adults and peers
  5. Keep track of personal belongings

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