College and Career Ready Lab Update

Hello Parents,

I am writing to update you about the College and Career Ready Lab (Exploring Careers and Employment Class). We believe this course is going to be a great addition to the selection of Encore classes, and a very good introduction to career skills!

The new equipment has been installed and we are in the process of learning the details of how to use the software system. Because of the newness of the system we have had to work out some technical issues and have had to adapt to a new way of teaching and learning.

Here is some information about the class:

  • The lessons are designed to introduce your student to career options, and so that they can experience some of the activities related to the career.
  • Cloud-based internet course, with some activities that are completed offline.
  • Your student can log in to a computer and show you the website.
  • The course requires your student to use academic, organizational, and critical thinking skills.
  • The lessons are challenging; students must be self-driven with the support of the instructor.
  • 9 units of study: Personal Finance, Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness, Computer Animation and Graphics, Intro to Computer Science, Intro to Engineering and Design, Virtual Architecture, Digital Music, Robotics, and Electricity and Electronics.
  • Each unit includes: Reading material, video or audio files, a project activity, turn-in assignments, and a checkpoint quiz at the end of each day.
  • Units are divided into 10 days of lessons and activities. Due to the length of classes, we expect each unit to take approximately 20 days to complete.
  • Ample time is allowed for finishing the work. At the deadline, incomplete or missing lessons earn a grade of 0. Allowances are made for students who miss days or have other extenuating circumstances.

On Wednesdays from 4:00 - 5:00 pm the lab will be open for students to come in and work. Right now, I am opening the lab up to only students in my classes, and to their siblings. Students can work on assignments from any class, not just Exploring Careers. Transportation is available via the tutorial bus, which departs from the school at 4:45pm.

I appreciate your and your student’s patience while we are experiencing the challenges of a new class. Please contact me with questions or if you would like to visit the lab to see what kinds of activities your students are doing!

Best regards,

Darice Carpenter

Instructor, Exploring Careers and Employment