Weekly Updates and Reminders

August 28, 2022 Weekly STAR Family Updates

Good afternoon STAR Families. This is Mrs. Traumuller, the Morehead Principal, with the updates and reminders for the weeks ahead!

We would like to start this week's message off with a HUGE THANK YOU! Open House was a huge success and we are very excited to greet all of our STAR students tomorrow morning bright and early, beginning at 7:20 am and no later than 7:45 am. As you saw at Open House, parking is very difficult when all staff is in the building as well as parents trying to park and get out during the arrival process. We thank you for using the bus or car line to drop all students off beginning on our first day. We will have all of our staff out and ready to assist with all students getting to the correct classroom. We have done this the past two years and have found it helps our students ease into their new spaces without any anxiety or tears. We know that this is a big day and assure you that our STARS will start the new school year off GREAT! This will certainly help our students feel like a normal school day and get off to a great start in the 2022 - 2023 school year.

Dismissal will begin at 2:30 pm. In the event that you have an after school appointment that may require early dismissal, please plan to pick your child up prior to 2:15 pm, which is when we will stop early dismissal and focus on whole school dismissal. Early dismissal should only be in the event of an appointment or an emergency situation as teaching and learning continues through the end of our day. If your you have not had a chance to meet your child's teacher yet, please send a note with your student so that we can ensure that they get home the correct way. For all bus riding families, we highly encourage you to get the "Here Comes the Bus App" found on the transportation website.

All students, with the exception of our Kindergarten STARS, will come home with a One Card tomorrow morning. It will be on a lanyard and will be used daily for gaining entry to the school, getting breakfast and lunch, as well as checking books out of the library. PLEASE help us by ensuring that they are on your student before getting to school. We will keep you informed upon when our Kindergarten cards will arrive.

All first day papers, if not picked up at Open House, will be sent home on Monday. Please ensure that you join your child's Class Dojo account as well as enroll in Power School for Parents. Another important paper is a one page document that serves as our Parent and Family Handbook. The final form that we are asking all families to fill out is a shortened version of the state lunch form. Our school maintains its free lunch for all program partially based upon the information gathered. Please sign and return or sign up as soon as possible.

School safety continues to be a national and worldwide issue today. One way that we are trying to ensure that our school remains the safest for our students and staff is that all students enter the building in two different entrances. Each child will have to scan in by the kindergarten hallway if they are car riders or if they walk to school from the behind the school on Grendle Street. If your student is a bus rider or walk from the front of the school (Tower Road), the entrance with scan station will be in the front of the school by the bus loop. If you are a returning student, this is nothing different than what we have done last year, but wanted to remind all of arrival procedures.

Message from Morehead PTA includes
information on:
Membership Matters: Join the PTA $5.00 per
family member!
Money Money Money: Fundraiser Stars on the Run
coming November 10th
Many Morehead PTA events to come so save these dates!
Learn more about these topics here!

Important dates to mark on your calendar are:
Sept. 5th is Labor Day and will a Vacation Day for ALL
Sept. 6th is our School Improvement Team Meeting held virtually beginning at 3 pm.
Sept. 8th is our PTA Meeting
Sept. 12th is our FALL PICTURE DAY.

That is all that I have for you today. We cannot wait to have our star hallways filled with our STAR STUDENTS AND STAFF! Sleep well and we will see you tomorrow, beginning at 7:20 am. Have a great evening.