Arrival and Dismissal Updates

What a successful start to a great school year! Thank you for all of your patience with arrival and dismissal. With a student population over 500, I am so grateful for your support. A few reminders for continued success -
* Please send all children to school wearing their One Cards. They have to have them scanned to enter the bus and building, get breakfast, lunch, as well as library check outs. This also serves as an identifier for all Morehead students. If this card is lost, there will be a replacement fee this year.
*Please send a note to the classroom teacher if you plan on changing the way your child goes home.
* All visitors to our building need to sign in to the front office. This includes during arrival as only staff and students are supposed to be in the building during school hours.
* If your child is a car rider, we need your help. Please have your car rider tag in the front window of your car until your child gets in the vehicle.
* In the car rider line, upon exit, please notice the signs that the county has posted asking all traffic to turn right when leaving the campus during arrival and dismissal. This is a safety measure and one that is critical to the flow of traffic.
* Starting tomorrow morning, the car line will stop at 7:45 which is the GCS scheduled start time. I highly encourage you to start early as we open our school doors at 7:20am.

Thank you again for your help and assistance with ensuring that we operate in a timely manner as well as safe as possible. We enjoy working together as a team to make our school remain a GREAT place to grow and learn together.