STEM Early College at N.C. A&T

I would like to take advantage of this opportunity and recommend the teachers, administrators, and staff at STEM Early College at NC A&T State University as our education all-star.  

Dr. Jamisa Williams (Principal) and her team have been exceptional as they seamlessly adopted, adapted, polished, and implemented a state of the art and productive online educational and support program for kids during the extraordinary pandemic period since early 2020.

My daughter (Donya Farahani) is in 10th grade now and she has been home (with many other kids) for over a year now.  She is successfully finishing up her 10th grade in a few weeks and that is made only possible by the dedicated, consistent, and year long efforts on the part of teachers, administrators, and staff at the STEM Early College.

The educators at STEM Early College have been phenomenal and have far exceeded my expectations.  I have no doubt that without their sacrifices towards providing a painless and productive online educational and support program for my kid and his classmates, my daughter probably would have not been where she is now academically and emotionally.  In a few weeks, Donya is complete her tenth grade at an A grade level in all courses as well as completing multiple of AP and honor programs.

Once again, the 2020-21 school year has truly been unprecedented as teachers navigated the world of remote learning. Throughout the various schedule changes and new online programs, teachers at STEM Early College remained positive and dedicated to teaching and learning.

It would be unfortunate if we do not honor and reward their dedication and commitment.  I thus highly recommend the mighty STEM Early College as OUR EDUCATION ALL-STAR TEAM.