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Updated July 09, 2019

Acing an interview is a science as much as it is an art, and it requires diligent preparation along with the ability to be at ease in the interview room. It's also that you be comfortable and confident in discussing why you are the best fit for a role. (Links to an external site.)

Interviewing is a skill in and of itself, one in which your ability to interact with the interviewer and to articulate your thoughts are factors that are just as important in getting the job as are the qualifications listed on your resume. Here is a list of interview skills that will help you get hired. (Links to an external site.)

Interview Preparation

Winging it is never worth it. Not only will your interviewer see right through it, but your answers (and your self-confidence) will seriously suffer if you neglect to properly prepare. (Links to an external site.) You should dedicate at least an hour to your preparation.