How do I find a book in the Media Center?

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A good place to start is always the Destiny Library Catalog which you can access by clicking HERE. Once you find what you want you will need to make a note of the call number. A call number is either a number followed by three letters (e.g. 637.92 ATK) or the prefix FIC followed by three letters (e.g. FIC DRA). The call number corresponds with the label on the book's spine, which you can see as you browse the shelves. If there is no call number, then it is probably an ebook or an audiobook - which means you can check it out right from your Chromebook as long as you are logged in to Destiny Discover (see below).

The media center's physical space is organized so that Non-Fiction titles (the sort you might use for classroom research or building factual knowledge) are along the back wall bookshelves. From left to right, you will find the books organized from 001-999. The history books, including the North Carolina section, will be the 4 tall bookshelves to the right of the front entrance as you walk inside. Biographies can be found on the shelves directly behind the history section and the books are organized by the person's last name (e.g. a biography about Abraham Lincoln would be found in the Ls).  The fiction section is composed of the 6 tall bookshelves straight ahead as you enter and the books are organized by author's last name. If you would like to browse the catalog to find what you need before or during your visit to the media center, watch the quick tutorial video below.