GCS Summer Course Catalog

Use this link for complete information about summer programming:  GCS Summer Course Catalog .   



How to register(Page 4):


  1. Academic camps are by school invitation only. Please contact the school.
  2. Enrichment camps sponsored by GCS have one link for registration. Enrichment camp contacts if there is a question about the camp:
    1. LEGO Robotics Camp- Jennifer Redfern-  byrdj3@gcsnc.com 336-370-3274
    2. CTE Camp Offerings- Nakita Malloy- malloyn@gcsnc.com  336-370-8338   CTE Summer Enrichment
    3. Math Bridge Course – Kat Stevens-  stevenk@gcsnc.com  336-370-8244
    4. Academically Gifted Camps/ AP Ready/IB Ready- Dibrelle Tourret-  tourred@gcsnc.com  336-370-8361
    5. Rising EL Kindergarten Camp- Mayra Hayes- hayesm2@gcsnc.com-   336-370-8982
  3. Summer Arts institute camps are a separate link. Any questions about the camps should be directed Leigh Anne Little.

Summer Arts Institute- Leigh Anne Little-  littlel4@gcsnc.com 336-574-2645

  1. Free Virtual tutoring is also available for students details on page 4.


Transportation updates will be shared by their assigned summer site by June 3rd on “Here Comes the Bus App”.


Once summer sites open for students June 14 for traditional calendar; June 27 for extended year/restart calendar,  transportation questions should be directed back to the summer site location.