Connect Ed 9-25-22

Good evening parents.  This is your assistant principal Shannon Vaka  with a few weekly reminders. 

Tomorrow, our bus riders will participate in an evacuation drill.  Bus riders will board their assigned bus and the driver will chat with them about how to exit the bus in an emergency.   This is a requirement for all GCs bus riders and is only a drill. 

There does seem to be a delay in the printing of new One Cards.  Please understand that we have ordered One Cards for all students who are new to Simkins—this includes all of our Kindergarten students.   We are hoping that these will arrive this week but the county is obviously experiencing an influx of printing requests.  We will keep you posted on the status of our One Card requests.   

As a reminder, students will need to be checked out for early dismissal before 1:40p each day.  After 1:40p our students are preparing for dismissal and closing out their day in the classroom.  We also have increased student movement in the hallway, after this time, and we need the dismissal process to be safe and smooth.  We appreciate your understanding with this school policy. 

Progress reports will be sent home on Tuesday of this week.

Next Wednesday, October 5th, is a teacher workday and there will be no school for students.    

Finally, mark your calendar for Thursday, October 20th.  This will be our Title I parent night.  More details to follow but for now, save the date!

It is going to be another great week in the Shark Tank!  Thanks for making Simkins a great place to learn!

Shannon Vaka, MSA

Assistant Principal

Simkins Elementary