This year seniors be able to reserve and paint their own parking spaces. As you know the county has mandated a set fee for parking spaces which is $40.00 this year. This fee is the same for any student parking on any GCS school campus this year. Our seniors this year will also be able to pay an additionally $15.00 to paint their parking space. This is an event that will help beautify our campus, build school spirit, create a new senior tradition and raise money for our PTSO to help with the senior events this upcoming school year.  There are two forms. One is the standard parking permit form for all eligible students, the other is the paper work for painting the parking space.  Dates will be announced the first week in August about the times seniors can come to purchase their parking pass and dates to paint. The paintings must be preapproved prior to the sale of the permits. In order to get the approval for your design, you can print out the paperwork and fill it out and return it to the office at Western during the month of July (remember: we are closed on Fridays) . It will be reviewed the beginning of August prior to the sale of permits and you will be notified IF your design is not approved.  If you do not hear anything, your design was accepted. The tentative schedule for purchasing parking passes will be August 12th from 8 to 11 and August 13th 12:30-3:30. These dates are subject to change but the beginning of August a connect ed will go out and the official schedule will be posted on the website along with dates to paint your spaces.

Western Guilford Painted Parking Spaces Application

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