It's tough for me to go to meetings or classes; what can I access online?

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Guilford Parent Academy is dedicated to getting parents involved with their children’s education; however, we know it’s not always easy for parents to attend workshops or events. When you join Guilford Parent Academy, you'll have access to our free online resources, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Help your children practice reading, work on math skills, read eBooks, begin conversations about emotional topics and more.

GPA is also working to involve parents through its “On the Go” initiative. By meeting parents where they are—work, church, community events and more—GPA was able to bring additional resources to parents.

Gwendolyn Johnson, the Learn & Earn Facilitator at The Middle College at Bennett, had this to say: “The information presented at these sessions was powerful, and the sessions themselves were packed with parents. GPA was helpful and strategic, extending all of their resources to us and making sure we were supported at all events.”

Check out our calendar to see whether we'll be in your workplace or community.