Let's Check Out Falkener Library Books!

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Good morning, Falkener Readers,

Falkener Library books can be placed on hold through Destiny Discover and picked up at school!  Video tutorials to walk you through the steps were in last week's library lesson and can be found here.

These are the basic steps; details are covered in the videos!
* Log into Destiny Discover
-username: studentID# (ex. 0123456789)
-password: birthdate with no dashes (ex. 05202012)
* Search and place a print book on hold
* Wait to be contacted by your teacher through Bloomz 
* The book(s) will be available for one week for pick at Falkener!

Do you have any library books at home from last year?  You can return them to the school at any school day between 8:00am - 3:00pm!  There will be a bin by the front door where you can drop the books off.  

Happy Reading!