2018 Regional Competition Results - Click here for details!

Our Science Olympiad teams (Varsity and JV) had an exciting and intense day of competition Saturday at the Regional Competition at UNCG.  Our varsity team placed second only to East Chapel Hill High School and our JV team won 1st place in the JV competition.  


The top four varsity teams advance to state competition at NC State April 20-21, 2018.  This was a very special day with many unforgettable memories and moments (even some alums came back for the competition!) and the team and coaches are so appreciative of those who were able to be in attendance to share in the good times and of the support we receive daily from the Northern Guilford staff and community!  

Every member of both teams made important contributions today which were rewarded by the outstanding team results.  


Individual Honors (Varsity) - top 5 receive medals

Amazing Mechatronics - 5th - Alex Stephens & Ethan Valk

Astronomy - 2nd - David Melville & Abi Moroney

Chem Lab - 4th - Mary Howard & Abi Moroney

Codebusters - 4th - Lizzie Belcher, Katy Price, & Stephanie Strahler

Dynamic Planet - 3rd - Lizzie Belcher & Jessica Hardiman

Ecology - 5th - Abby Mercer & Annika Preheim

Forensics - 5th - Lindsay Dinallo & Mary Howard

Helicopters - 1st - Bailey Gibson & John Tewksbury

Herpetology - 1st - Abby Mercer & Annika Preheim

Hovercraft - 1st - Alex Stephens & Ethan Valk

Materials Science - 3rd - David Melville & John Tewksbury

Mission Possible - 3rd - Katy Price & Rachel Rackers

Mousetrap Vehicle - 4th - Alex Stephens & Ethan Valk

Optics - 3rd - Anna Payne & Yash Singh

Remote Sensing - 3rd - David Melville and Yash Singh

Rocks & Minerals - 5th - Abby Mercer & Annika Preheim

Towers - 2nd - Bailey Gibson & John Tewksbury

Write It, Do It - 4th - Lizzie Belcher & Megan Griswold


Individual Honors (JV) - top 3 receive medals

Anatomy & Physiology - 2nd - Noah Bailey & Frankie Pupillo

Chem Lab - 1st - Obadele Akan & Rhiana Brownell

Helicopters - 1st - Ian Gibson & J.P. Tewksbury

Hovercraft - 3rd - Ian Gibson & Ethan Rehder

Microbe Mission - 2nd - Eric States & Gatley Stone

Mission Possible - 1st - Alex Griswold & Hope Rackers

Mousetrap Vehicle - 3rd - Obadele Akan & Gabriel McNeil

Remote Sensing - 1st - Amy Auld & Cate Park

Rocks & Minerals - 2nd - Cate Park & Bria Smith

Towers - 1st - Marissa Bewry & Hope Rackers

 Please congratulate our team members when you see them.  While we are very proud of their impressive academic showing, we are the most proud and thankful to be working with such an impressive group of young men and women who demonstrated awesome and cooperative teamwork and exhibited terrific manners and sportsmanship to each other, their competitors, and the officials!