Deadline Passes for Student Vaccinations

Approximately 128 GCS seventh-grade students were excluded from classes today, the first day students could not be in school without state required vaccinations.

Nearly 100 students brought in documentation today, avoiding exclusion from class. As soon as the remaining students provide documentation they will be allowed back in class.

“We’re excited that there was such a significant drop from yesterday, and we hope the numbers continue to decline quickly so that our students can be back in school and learning,” says Robin Bergeron-Nolan, director of health services for GCS. “The importance of getting students immunized is to help ensure that they are protected against vaccine-preventable diseases. This is for the students’ protection as well as the community at large.”

Students who have not yet received the Tdap booster or MCV vaccines should get an appointment with their primary care physician immediately or attend the clinic provided by the Department of Health and Human Services tomorrow, Sept. 29.

There are some insurance stipulations for some families attending the clinic, and families must call (336) 641-3245 to be sure they have everything they need before arriving.

GCS schools started communicating the vaccination requirements this spring through phone calls, social media, flyers, letters, GCSTV and the news media. The Department of Health and Human Services – Public Health Division also offered vaccination clinics in both Greensboro and High Point throughout the months of August and September to help students meet the requirement.

GCS is legally required by state statute to exclude students who do not have documentation showing they received the required vaccinations within 30 calendar days of the first day of school, which was yesterday, Sept. 27. Today, Sept. 28, was the first day they could not be in class.