Science Teacher Honored for Summer Research Experience

Southern High Science Teacher Mark Case is being recognized for the work he did during a research experience over the summer.

Case was one of four GCS teachers to participate in the Research Experience for Teachers in Engineering and Computer Science at North Carolina A&T State University this summer. The program’s goal is to involve teachers and community college faculty in engineering and computer science research, allowing them to translate their research experiences and new knowledge into classroom activities.

During the summer, Case and his teammates conducted mechanical testing on biodegradable microbeads and nanofibers, smaller than one-half a millimeter. The researchers worked to strengthen the microbeads to expand their medical applications. As a result of the program, the N.C. A&T research team now has a protocol to test the compression strength of the microbeads as they continue their research.

Case created a research poster based on the experience, which earned a first place prize from the National Science Foundation, an independent federal agency that promotes the progress of science. Case also used the research to create an education module for high school teachers, which will be published on the National Science Foundation’s website.

The Guilford County Board of Education recognized Case for his accomplishments at its meeting Thursday night.