Ken Bailey Named District Employee of the Month

Most GCS employees probably don’t know the name Ken Bailey, and that’s a testament to how well he does his job. Bailey, a programmer analyst in the information technology department, was named the district’s December employee of the month, sponsored by Sam’s Club.

Bailey maintains database information so that each employee’s paycheck has the proper deductions and that new employees are enrolled correctly. With more than 10,000 employees, that information is always changing, but the colleagues who nominated him are grateful for Bailey’s focused attention to getting it right.

In her nomination, supervisor Dawn Jordan writes of Bailey, “His patience with others is outstanding and I'm sure those in HR, Benefits, Payroll, the Finance Department and anyone else who has had contact with him can vouch for the excellent way in which he does his job. If a request is made to him, whether it is to assist with pay increases, benefit changes, information gathering, or whatever, he is faithful to complete the tasks in a timely fashion. I don't know what the district would do without him and I don't want to find out!” 

As Employee of the Month, Bailey received a $50 gift card from Sam’s Club, which has given more than $6,000 to outstanding GCS employees since 2005. During the month of December, his photo will hang at the district’s central offices and at the Sam’s Club on Wendover Avenue.