Message Regarding Say Yes Scholarships

Guilford (Say Yes Guilford) is reviewing its criteria for college scholarships. While local and national leaders worked in good faith to create a scholarship program in the fall of 2015 that would be available to the Class of 2016, it is clear that the current model is not sustainable.

The experience of the organization’s first year in Guilford County has far exceeded expectations, as more than 2,000 recent GCS graduates attended colleges and other postsecondary programs with scholarships provided by, or arranged through, Say Yes Guilford. To preserve the economic viability of the program, however, it is apparent that changes will be necessary.

Say Yes Guilford understands that changes to the scholarship model will have a significant impact on the decisions that families and students are making about their college choices. Say Yes Guilford, along with each of us involved in this effort, deeply regrets that the changes needed could affect those choices. Say Yes Guilford’s pledge to the families of GCS graduates and to our current students is that they will do everything possible to support the dreams and aspirations of as many GCS students as they possibly can. We, as GCS leaders, will do the same.

Recognizing that many seniors and their families are making their college decisions now, or may have already done so for the fall of 2017, Say Yes Guilford is committed to finalizing and announcing any modifications to its scholarship program by the end of this month. We will share more information with you as soon as we receive it, and have offered to let Say Yes Guilford use our facilities for meetings with principals, counselors and parents once these details are worked out.

Students and families with questions and concerns are encouraged to visit the Say Yes Guilford website – – for updates. They may also contact Say Yes Guilford staff members by phone at 336-814-2233 or via email at



Nora K. Carr
Chief of Staff
Guilford County Schools