Four GCS Students Soon To Be Published Authors

Four GCS students will receive $1,000 each from American Reading Company to publish books written by the students.

GCS middle school students are asked to author books as part of a final project. Several students sent the books to be evaluated by American Reading Company, and the publishers liked four so much, they decided to publish four of the student-authored books. The company has only published two other books in 18 years.

The young authors and titles are:

  • “Thunderous Storms” by Samuel McNabb, 7th grade student at Southeast Middle School
  • “Betrayal” by Zachary Gailey, 6th grade student at Southeast Middle School
  • “Amazing Adventure Through the Water Cycle” by Alehidy Tapia, 7th grader at Southeast Middle School
  • “It’s About Us” by Jeremiah Meyer, 7th grader from Brown Summit Middle School

American Reading Company will present checks to the students on Monday, April 24.

American Reading Company provides schools with literacy solutions and receives about 100 submissions from students each year, but rarely are books selected for publication.