Board Designates Funding to Add Security Cameras to Schools

Eighty-nine Guilford County Schools sites will receive new or upgraded security cameras over the next nine years, assuming funds are available. The Guilford County Board of Education approved the plan at its meeting Thursday.

The upgrades will prioritize high school locations and schools with the highest rate of reported incidents during and outside of school hours and also will consider the condition of the current security system, if one exists. The new systems will cost approximately $10.8 million in total, or $1.2 million each year for nine years. Funding may be adjusted based on availability.

Adding security cameras has long been on the district’s list of needed capital improvements, along with multiple school renovations and replacements.

“This project will bring our district in line with other districts across the state and the nation,” says Chris Nowlin, executive director of Emergency Management, Safety and Security. “It will allow us to better ensure the safety of our students and staff and be responsive to issues that may occur.”

Capital funds that have been set aside for safety and security will be used to pay for the project.