Goggle Purchase


Students are required to wear approved chemical splash goggles at all times during laboratory work involving wet substances, including water.

Our class goggles are cleaned between classes using a germicidal UV cabinet and students are encouraged to use a Windex-like cleaner found at all lab stations.

Individual goggle purchase is neither required nor recommended.

 Individual goggle purchases:  Our class chemical splash/impact goggles are from Fisher Science, catalog #S68660. 

 Other brands are acceptable; however, by law they must be certified “ANSI Z87+ D3”.

The branding “Z87+ D3” must appear on the goggles, usually along the frame. 

Legal chemical splash / impact goggles have indirect venting.

You must demonstrate that your goggles meet legal requirements before use.

You must bring your personal goggles to class for each lab day, storage is not provided in the classroom.