Goggle Purchase


Individual Goggle Purchase is recommended!

Individual goggle purchases:  Our class chemical splash/impact goggles are from Fisher Science, catalog #S68660. 

Other brands are acceptable; however, by law they must be certified “ANSI Z87+ D3”.

The branding “Z87+ D3” must appear on the goggles!

Z87+D3 is usually stamped along the goggle's frame. 

Legal chemical splash / impact goggles have indirect venting.

You must demonstrate that your goggles meet legal requirements before use.

Goggles may be stored in a Zip-Lock plastic bag with your name in the classroom. 

You must clean your goggles before each use with an alcohol wipe and glass cleaner. 

Ms. Wells is not responsible for lost or stolen goggles and you may choose to store them in a personal locker, etc.