Parent Information and what to expect

Parent Information and What to Expectconnect: parent, student teacher



One teacher, one student, one or more parents/mentors.


Meet together to discuss first quarter progress in each class, to celebrate successes, to look for solutions to problems, to consider plans for the future.


October 16th; A staff member will contact you before this date to schedule a 20-30 minute conference;  Regular classes will not meet this day.


The Community Training Center (CTC) where our school’s offices are housed.


To support students in academic and personal growth; to invest in each individual student;  to build stronger connections between school and home; to give each student a chance to reflect on his/her successes and struggles in a supportive environment where their voice is heard.


Students bring artifacts or reflections from each class; Students share highs and lows for the quarter and set goals for the next nine weeks.