College attendance policies


Most of the GTCC college courses only allow 3 ABSENCES FOR THE ENTIRE SEMESTER.  However, each instructor may set his/her own attendance policy. After a student has exceeded the number of absences allowed in the class, they are dropped from the roll and receive an automatic F.  Additionally, if our school (Early/ Middle College) is not having class for a workday, a holiday, or inclement weather but GTCC is still open for class, your child MUST STILL ATTEND their college class and you are responsible for their transportation.

 These are dates that we know the High School will be out, but college will still be in session. Families are responsible for their own transportation on days when college is in session, but high school is not. 

 Additionally, if your child is enrolled in college classes in the spring, our spring break dates DO NOT MATCH THE SPRING BREAK OF THE COLLEGE.