ID's and Parking


Each student has received a free GTCC ID from us and is required to carry it with them anytime they are on campus.  If they have lost their ID, they must purchase a replacement.  Students replacing ID’s would need to pay $5 at the GTCC cashier’s office and then proceed to the area in the Medlin Center where ID’s are processed.  Two forms of ID (one picture) are required along with their college ID number (found on their schedule). Jamestown Campus Cashiers office is located in room 270 of the Medlin Campus Center.  The hours are 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday.



Enrollment at the GTCC Jamestown campus is extremely high.  This means that parking is very challenging.  If your student is driving, they will need to arrive in plenty of time (a minimum of an hour before class starts) to find a space and need to expect to walk a long way.  We have been notified by Campus Police that there will be NO grace period for parking illegally.  IT IS NOT AN EXCUSE TO BE LATE OR MISS CLASS BECAUSE OF PARKING. Additionally, parking fines are $25. GTCC recently opened a parking deck and space may be purchased at the cashiers office in the Medlin Center for $100/semester.