College Textbooks

Your child will be receiving their college books before college clases begin. Students will be told where to meet to receive their textbooks.  We do reuse books whenever possible. Therefore, they will receive a copy of their college schedule tomorrow.  If a class has a DB next to it that means that we have the book for them, and THEY SHOULD NOT PURCHASE A BOOK FOR THAT CLASS.

During the first few days of a college class, students should read the syallbus and make sure they have the correct and required books for the classes they are attending. If they do not, they should go to the bookstore, return the incorrect book, and purchase the correct book. ALL reciepts should be given to the leadership/seminar teacher.  Many classes require an online portion (My____Lab) with a specific and one-time use code, please make sure your student has this code and has successfully created an account and logged in.  

All students are expected to read in their textbooks. As such, students are allowed to highlight or annotate in their books. Students taking English 111 recieve A Writer's Reference, they may keep this book as a reference book for future reference. 

If your student is taking culinary, anatomy, dental, welding, or drawing classes, additional materials might be required by the program instructors. The Early/Middle College does not purchse additional supplies, such as (but not limited to) culinary knives, dissecting kits, welding materials, or drawing supplies. 

At the end of the semester, students should return college textbooks to their seminar or leadership teacher, as directed.